Horse & Pony Products

Equifashion specialise in stunning, safe, bright and sparkly horse and pony products. From glitter hooves to creating a real life unicorn. We have products that make fantastic gifts and are great for pony parties.
  • For the body: Horse and Pony Unicorn Paint, Horse and Pony Unicorn Glitter Gel, Quarter Marks Stencil Kits.
  • For the mane & Tail: Horse & Pony Mane & Tail Colour Extensions, Horse & Pony Mane & Tail Chalk Combs, Horse & Pony Crystal Plaiting Bands and Horse & Pony Mane & Tail Crystal Twists.
  • For hooves: Horse & Pony Easy Peal Glitter Hoof Kits and Horse & Pony Glitter healing Balms
  • For the head: Horse & Pony Clip-on Unicorn Horns


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Showing 25 - 29 of 29 products
Showing 25 - 29 of 29 products

Glitter Hoof Balm looks great & heals in 11 colours

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Equidivine Pony Paint - 100ml

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Add instant colour to your horse or pony with this easy to apply pony paint

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Equidivine Glitter Gel - 100ml

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Gorgeous glitter gel for stencils, body, mane & tail

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Sabella Horse & pony Glitter Gel - 50g

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Our great range of stencils are a fun and easy way to add stunning quarter mark tattoos to your horse or Pony.

These come included when you order a Pony Paint Kit, Glitter Tattoo Kit or Glitter Gel Kit. However you can also order them separately!

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